Why You Should Sign Up For Critical Illness Cover

You can never be entirely sure what is going to happen in life. At certain times in life we can suffer from illness and injury that takes us away from our everyday life and prevents us from continuing to work and make a living. One way that you can place a safety net on your life and finances for the future is to purchase critical illness insurance cover.

With critical illness cover you are safeguarding your future, with a secure plan of action that saves you and your family in the worst situations where money could potentially be tight.

Critical illness cover can help you be prepared for a range of medical situations, including:

  • Permanent disabilities caused by an injury or illness
  • Debilitating conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis
  • Some types and stages of cancer
  • Heart attacks and strokes

There are certain conditions that have to be met with every type of critical illness cover, with the ability to claim a tax-free lump sum payment upon a confirmed diagnosis that meets the criteria in your cover. The lump sum payment is made to the beneficiary listed, ensuring that mortgage payments are continued, and that bills can be paid on time.

Central Mortgages has a team that is here to help you with your queries. We are happy to set you up with financial services that provide you with a safety net for the worst future circumstances. For more information you can call us on 01277 630 183. Alternatively, you can email office@centralmortgages.net.

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