Trying to Get a Mortgage When Starting a New Job

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If you are in the process of applying for a mortgage you want everything in your life to be steady and show the stability that mortgage lenders wish to find in every mortgage applicant. Sometimes though, circumstances in your life take over and it could be that you are in the process of starting a brand-new job. What should you do if you are starting a new job, but you are looking for a mortgage?

There are different rules for successful mortgage applications depending on the lending source and the applicant in question. There is never a hard and fast rule, but one thing is for sure, there are some lenders who refuse to offer a mortgage to an applicant who has very recently moved jobs, or who is about to move into a new job.

Can I Get a Mortgage if I’ve Just Started a New Job?

There are many traditional mortgage lenders who will not provide a mortgage to those applicants who have recently started a new job. The length of time could vary, from those who have been in place in a new role for a few weeks, to 3 months, and in some cases, even as long as up to 6 months in a new job. The idea is that to be successful in applying for a mortgage, you have to be able to provide payslips and correlating bank statements over a long enough period of time to show that you are capable of keeping up with the required mortgage repayments.

Are There Any Mortgages Out There for People In New Jobs?

Luckily, it isn’t the entire mortgage market that acts in this way, and we have built a network of those mortgage providers who are willing to provide mortgage solutions to those who have recently moved jobs, are planning on moving jobs, or for those who are self-employed (either as a sole trader of limited company) and find it more difficult to apply for any form of credit through traditional lending streams.

We have the experts to help you find the right mortgage package to fit your needs. If your financial and employment situation doesn’t fit the neat boxes required for a mortgage application via a traditional high street lender, you shouldn’t be barred from entry to the property market indefinitely.

At Central Mortgages we have spent time building up a trusted and varied network of mortgage lenders. This enables us to match our clients with the right mortgage provider to suit their needs, whether that is due to adverse credit mortgage refusals or difficulty in finding a mortgage as a self-employed person. If you have recently started a new job, or you are searching for a new career, and want to apply for a mortgage, we can help you. Contact our friendly and informative team at Central Mortgages today on 01277 630 183 or