How to Finance Property Refurbishment Projects

Bridging finance can be a great source of encouragement to people taking on large property refurbishment projects. In some instances, especially where houses have been bought at auction, a property might require substantial work to be completed before it is deemed habitable. It can be difficult to secure funding through traditional lending streams, and that’s where Central Mortgages can help.

We understand fully that in order to realise the full financial potential of your property, whether that is to increase potential rental yield for tenants, or to sell on for profit to new buyers, you need to create a property worth living in. If you’ve purchased a property that either requires brand new or refurbished bathrooms, kitchens and other serious renovation, you could be stuck without bridging finance.

It is for reasons such as this that so many buy-to-let property developments stall, especially if an investor has several projects running alongside each other at one time. Any delay in the refurbishment of a newly bought property can cause long-term disruption and loss of money to the owner.

At Central Mortgages we are built to serve clients working within the fast-paced nature of property refurbishment and development. A fluid financial process is vital to a development and once you speak to us we can provide you with the perfect bridging finance to fund your project ASAP, and get the ball rolling on realising the potential of the property.

To find out more about our property refurbishment funding sources, call Central Mortgages on 01277 630 183 or email us office@centralmortgages.net.

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