Getting a Mortgage with a CCJ

If you have suffered black marks on your credit file, and it happens to be as serious as a County Court Judgment (CCJ), you might struggle to be accepted by traditional high street lenders when applying for a mortgage. People with bad credit apply for mortgages all the time, and at Central Mortgages we believe that should you have good intentions and the means with which to make repayment, you should be able to secure a mortgage.

For those of you who have been suffering with credit problems in recent times a good tip would be to take a look at your credit file, looking for any mistakes listed and to see if you have any CCJs or other bad credit marks that you were unaware of.

You can get a mortgage with adverse credit, and we have links with lending sources that can provide a mortgage to an applicant with a CCJ. It is more difficult however, and there are a few factors that will be considered within your application. These include how recently the CCJ was registered, the amount of debt linked to the CCJ, and whether it has been marked as ‘satisfied’ through the settling of outstanding debts linked to it. Those applicants with multiple CCJs listed on their credit file are likely to struggle to acquire a mortgage.

If you would like to find out more about applying for a mortgage with a CCJ, please feel free to speak to the experts here at Central Mortgages by emailing office@centralmortgages.net or by calling 01277 630 183.

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