Finding the Right Area to Live when Moving Home

Choosing to move home is a big deal. At Central Mortgages our team can help you find the right mortgage lender that suits your budget, financial history and credit score, but there are other things to consider. Moving home is for the foreseeable future, so you must be sure on not only the property itself, but that the area you are moving to is suitable for you and your family.

Schools – If you have kids, or are planning to have kids, looking at the schools in an area is vital. If you want your child to be able to attend a certain school, you’re likely to have to be living within a certain catchment area. Look at Ofsted reports and exam results from schools in the area for a greater idea.

Crime Statistics – Using the official UK police website is a good start to check crime statistics for any town and neighbourhood. You’ll never fully get away from crime, but it could put you off an area with a high number of muggings and house burglaries for instance.

Transport Links – For most people this is very important, whether you use your own car to travel or commute via public transport. Modern day technology offers great tools in our hands, so within seconds you can check Google Maps for instance, to see the travel time between your prospective new home and your workplace via foot, car, or public transport.

Broadband Speeds – This is an incredibly important factor in modern-day Britain, and if you cannot access fast Internet it could make a home far less attractive to live in. With broadband speed tests available from a range of sources online, and access to help from your current provider as to whether they service different areas, you’ll soon know whether you’ll be able to work from home and, more importantly, stream Netflix as a family.

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