Can I Get a Right to Buy Mortgage?

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If you live in a Council house and you wish to look for ways in which you might be able to buy the property to secure your future, you might be surprised to hear that in many cases it is actually easier to do so than purchasing a traditional residential property on the market. At Central Mortgages we have plenty of experience in helping people in all sorts of situations to secure mortgages on different types of property, and with our extensive network of lenders we have the perfect credit solution to your specific needs.

In the case of council housing that tenants wish to purchase from the council, in many cases the Local Authority are more likely to give discounts to residents currently living in the property in question. The longer a tenant has lived in the property, the more likely they are to be given a discount in the first place, but they are also more likely to be given a bigger discount the longer they have lived in the property.

What this means is that the money saved on the overall valuation of the property can be put in place as a deposit, meaning you can reach much better rates than you otherwise would have encountered. Of course, you will always have to apply with your income, any credit, and other property issues in mind, but it certainly helps in a right-to-buy context.

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